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Tiny Confessions Pre-Order!

The Tiny Confessions book is a month away! (May 7)  To celebrate the release, we are offering a raffle contest for those who pre-order the book (which is a good idea, because Mother’s Day is that week and you might want to have the book at your door on May 7).   Here are the prizes…

·       Top prize:  A one-of-a-kind hand painted Tiny Confession of your pet, monster, or friend!

·       Second prize:  A signed 13x19 Tiny Confessions poster!

·       Third prize:  A signed 8x10 Tiny Confessions print!

·       Everyone gets:  A cool Tiny Confessions bookmark!

To enter the contest, email me the online receipt you’ll receive upon ordering the book (info@tinyconfessions.com). Your name will be placed in a top-secret raffle. Winners will be selected out of a large hat in the presence of a lawyer or other high-ranking socialite.

Purchase the book at:

Penguin Books


Barnes and Noble


Good luck!  And thanks for purchasing a Tiny Confessions book!


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